Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lunchbox Performance

Key Elements performed at the Esplanade concert hall at last!
Turn-out was surprisingly good, and sound system and acoustics was solid!
To read more about it click here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Photos Update

This goes out especially to Consonance: The pictures from 'Listening' and East Coast are finally up! Imagestation had been giving me a lot of problems lately, thus the long delay. Happy browsing =)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Key Elements gig at Equinox

Ogay! By popular demand, here's an update. Today was generally a cho-bo relaxing day except for Key Elements performance at night at the Equinox. The event is a celebration of the christening of a ship - LEWEK SWAN (don't ask). We thought what LEWEK? We turned to each other and smiled, "Later when you sing, don't forget your 'leweks' (lyrics) hor". Then we later found out that LEWEK is formed by assembling the initials of all the board of directors in the organisation (hmm how original) and SWAN because they are going by SW- series, they had SWIFT, SWING, and now SWAN ('SWANderful). Anywae, the dinner started late (surprise, surprise) and we only got to sing our 1st set at 10pm (that's when the Main course is actually served) !! And in between they had a several skits of drama on a murder mystery, it's bizarre, but nevermind about that, we just know we had to do 2 sets, 1st 20 mins and then 30 mins, and they overran. Great, so when it's finally time to do our 2nd set, ppl are having their desserts and time is already 11:20pm. We had to cut short our act, just sing 4 songs and ciao. And so we thought that we could go, but no, we have to do a closing act and round off the evening, and thank and guests and say goodnight. So, fine, we sang Rainbow Connection and my mic was switched off without my knowledge, and so when I opened my mouth... NO SOUND...and I happened to be singing LEAD for this song.. HOW SWAN-derful! Anywae the sound system sucked. There were no monitors and we couldn't hear ourselves properly and the sound technician (yes, I wouldn't call him an engineer) was just a flop. Our levels are screwed up and balance was off. "What balance?", u might say. But anywae, important thing is we get paid and the audience still loved us, and some came up and congratulated us. =) Quite an appreciative lot they are, we expected them to be busy eating and chatting and won't bother about us, but they actually turned around to listen to us when we sang.

Oh, I realised I have a gift for rambling, I can go on but I shall spare you. The night is young I know, but I'm le tired. So long, farewell, till then, au revoir and goodnight!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Welcome Phase 2 of RT

Today is IPPT day.
For those non-army readers out there, IPPT stands for Individual Physical Proficiency Test, and RT stands for Remedial Training (for those who didn't make it in their IPPT).

Anyway, cannot means cannot, so instead of struggling like hell and feeling shitty after the whole thing, I chose to flunk with style, and fall-out after taking the 4 static stations, as I have already flunk my chin-up station, the 2.4 will be unnecessary (u need to pass all the stations to pass your IPPT). Looking back, I used to be able to do 12 chin-ups, in the F-ing number4 uniform, complete with SAF boots (those glory days.. ahh), but I only managed X*()@#*@$@ chin-up today... So, I 'graduated' from Phase 1 of my RT into phase 2 which will last for another 4 weeks, 3 F-ing times a week. The point is, I moved on... MUAHAHA

Anywae... thank you fans and friends for tagging (or flooding) my board.
Jessica - your choir actually sounded pretty good! The soprano section had quite a full and non-airy tone, which was pleasant, and the choir on the whole had a good blend, only the balance wasn't so great, cos boys are overpowered.
Sin-neh - Welcome back to cyberspace! Yes I tend to agree with you about Ah Mahn =) and YES we did KICK ASS on 5th July! Woo-hoo! and Ok, English tutorial? and yes you're random...
Tammy - Um. No comments =P

More updates to come... Akan Datang.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jazz from the Movies
Key Elements
When: 26 Jul 2005 (Tue), 12.45 PM at the Esplanade Concert Hall

If you have an appetite for jazz or a cappella music and want to hear such music from your favourite movie, come fill your lunch-hour with a soulful, humorous and riveting performance by a capella group, Key Elements! They promise to satisfy you with familiar blockbuster movie tunes and standards like Fly Me To The Moon, Route-66 and even a Teresa Teng number! Each song will be given a refreshing treatment and guarantees to send you humming and swinging your way back to work.

(30mins, no intermission)

Admission is FREE

Another Esplanade Presents Programme
Key Elements is a YMCA associate for the arts 2005
For more information on Key Elements, visit

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Well, these two days had been the longest day I had in the last few months, with rehearsals starting early morning and ending late. But it's worth it, the concert was a blast. And best part of all, Le Voci Entro has done exceptionally well. It was indeed a extraordinary performance. LE VOCI ENTRO has really really made me so proud. Guys and girls, you have outdid yourself once again, you managed to prove that size does not matter. We did a compelling performance of all 3 songs in our 1st set. The energy and concentration level was high, response good, expression dynamics spot on, pitching and tuning great. I think you never sounded better. Even in the second half, despite some hiccups on various levels, and through no fault of the choir (except in opening), the choir managed to hold the fort and pull through.

Let's see what happened there, first I must admit I am partly to blame for the screw up, as I heard the opening line by the sopranos who were a demi-semitone sharp, I went "OH MY GOD" in my heart and I blacked out, and so I forgot to give Vaughan Tan the cue to gong and went straight into the refrain. Joel on the other hand was also a bit blur and he was in a world of his own for a while, not knowing what chords he was playing, and the flautist also screwed up, through no fault of the choir, and he came and aplogised to me later on. But despite all that, the choir managed to find back their pitch and move on and we ended on a good note, and audience was impressed nonetheless. That itself is to be celebrated. This only shows that the level of musicianship of the choir has gone up a knotch, enabling them to discern and to correct pitching problems on the spot and not break down. Kudos to everyone for that. I think we all deserve a pat on our shoulder.

Well, having said that, I must also thank the wonderful teachers who did all the behind-the-scene work to help the choir in one way or another - Ms Chew, Mdm Chia, Ms Abraham, thank you. And to the friends and fans and ex-choristers of Le Voci Entro who never fail to support, thank you all! And thanks also to Consonance, who gave us an added boost and especially to the senior members who, despite their O levels this year, dedicated their time and energy into making this project work. THANK YOU.

Finally, I just wanna say, Le Voci Entro ROCKS!!!