Friday, July 04, 2008

A Cappella Festival 2008

LISTEN NOW - A CappellaFest 08
Exploring the Power of the Human Voice!

Starring: Key Elements, Vocollision, TAS Youth Voices & Tas Singers

Special Guest Group : Jamaica Cafe (Indonesia's Hottest A Cappella Sensation)

Explore the world of vocal music from beat boxing to jazz, pop, hip
hop, mando pop, dangdut tunes and much more! The concerts will be
interactive with mass audience participation segments to create an
enjoyable and wholistic concert-going experience.

For more details, please log on to :

30th & 31st July
ACS Barker
3pm Matinee Shows for Primary Schools at $15 (70 mins)
7.30pm Evening Shows for Secondary Schools at $20 (120 mins)
Tickets available thru
Please email your queries to

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Choir Camp I

This has been a really hectic week for me, I had to run 2 choir camps, rehearse with several different choirs, perform with Key Elements for A Cappella Fest, and prepare for concert with Consonance. The week started with 2 days of camp with Raffles Girl's Primary school, which included an exchange with River Valley Primary, Edgefield Primary and Hong Wen School.

This is Greg, who's helping me with RGPS, he's giving an introduction and laying out the objectives and schedule of the camp.

And here's Greg rehearsing the choir.


During break time, the girls would come round and tinkle on the keyboard.

And of course no camp would be complete without games. Here's a game of 'Monster' where teams are supposed to form a monster with their combined effort. This one is a five-headed monster.

Here's another interpretation of a Five-headed and seven-legged monster.

And then there was "dog and bone".


The camp ended on a high note, the children were happy but I was exhausted. Had to go home and crash.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Consonance Presents
20th Century Choral Music

15 & 16 September
Esplanade Recital Studio
7:30 P.M.
$18 (Free Seating)


Consonance is a youth choir made up of people from various backgrounds and schools but brought together by a common passion in singing. Just a month ago, on 2 Aug, we went for our ABRSM choral singing examination and has been awarded with a Dinstinction!

This will be our 6th year in music making, and we're looking forward to sharing an eclectic selection of pieces from the haunting harmonies of Debussy to the exuberant rhythms of Latin American music to the jazzy rearrangement of familiar Mandarin folk tunes and many more! So make a date with us and come on this exciting journey through the choral music of the 20th century. Contact Lin Zhengchang (90075549) or email to for ticketing enquiry. Hope to see you there!


Friday, August 03, 2007


after a long hiatus, i'm finally back, lots have happened and didn't have the time or energy to document, but all's well. Just finished with ABRSM exam, having to conduct 3 choirs back to back was absolutely terrifying and draining. I didn't think I would survive, but I did. So glad now the mad rush is over. Here are my choirs who took the exam.

St Nick's Primary
St Nick's Primary went first. They were rather nervous at first, but they managed to calm down eventually. I think they enjoyed themselves ultimately and that was good.

Next up was Consonance, which is an amateur youth choir, made up of ex-NYJCians and various ex-students of my existing choirs. They sat for Intermediate level and was equally nervous. I think it was more worrying coz I didn't have time to run through with them before the exam. But all was well, the sound was rather tight and there was good energy and feel.

Le Voci Entro
Last but certainly not least, was Bishan Park Secondary and they gave a stella performance. They exceeded my expectations and I was truly impressed. Hope the examiner thinks so too. I really think they deserve a big break.

That's all for now, will update more when I can find the time and energy.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Everyone Sang

Bishan Park and Serangoon Garden choirs had an exchange on 31 March 2007 with 7 other schools: Beatty, Bowen, Chai Chee, First Toa Payoh, Henderson, North Vista and Unity sec.
Here are some snippets. For a larger view, click on the photos.

Bowen Choir

Unity Choir

Two blondes disguised as Dim Sum Dollies

Bishan Park Choir

Panel of "judges"

Beatty Choir

The missing dolly

North Vista choir

Serangoon Garden Choir

And then there was Speech Day, in Serangoon Garden.

Warming up

Yushi and Dolores

The mafia in the making

Oh, did I mention that poor Joel was made to wear the cutesy tailcoat. That just made our day =)

Just have to take one more picture of Joel in his outfit... hehe.

The performance

We made our quiet exit as soon as the choir performance is over and went straight for dinner at Sticky Rice, where we had our erm sticky rice. =) 'Twas a good evening that follows.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jakarta 2007

Hi again, it's been a while. Key Elements just returned from a performance in Jakarta A cappella Fest '07.

Here's an update on the trip.

KE before take-off 1
Group photo before take-off

That's our flight
And this is the plane that took us to Jakarta

Houston, we have a lift-off
Houston, we have a lift-off

Floating on cotton wool

Absolutely love this, it's like floating above a sea of cotton wool

Some of us just couldn't care less about the scenery =P

I managed to capture a beautiful sunset while they were snoozing.

Stormy Weather
When we arrived in Jakarta, it poured, and it lasted 12 hours, causing serious flooding. And because of the flooding, Friday morning's programme has been cancelled. We spent the morning rehearsing in the hotel and then went for lunch at Kafe Pinang. They have quite a good spread of food for their buffet and their orange was sweet.

A good way to serve your orange.

Then, we headed down to JIS for sound check in the afternoon, where we met Voxessential and Joint Sound. By then, the rain had stopped, just in time. Apparently, some of the Joint Sound members as well as members of the audience were stranded at home due to the flood and couldn't make it that night for the show. The first night was more like a warm-up for us, there were some bloopers, but we managed to pull it off. Here are some snapshots of the groups in action.

Voxessential, a teachers' group.

Joint Sound
Joint Sound, student's group made up of 9th-12th graders.

Joint Elements
Joint Elements

Day 2 of A Cappella Fest

Mah Nah Mah Nah

It's Raining on Prom Night

Joint Sound members doing a 'Shinamoto'.

The festival ended on a high note.

Senaya City
The following day is a day of rest for Key Elements. We actually had sunlight for the first time during our Jakarta stay. We went out for a bit of shopping and lunch. It's the first time we actually stepped out of our hotel for leisure and not have to go to school. Really.

Surprisem surprise, shops in Jakarta were all decked up in gaudy red to welcome the Chinese New Year.

After a stroll in the Vivo City look-alike mall, we adjourned to Risotto, an Italian restaurant in the Shangri La for our post-concert celebratory meal.

Absolutely fabulous appetizers

And there's more!

Ooh... check out the dessert counter.

Freeflow of juices.

And freeflow of wine =)

Spinach Tagliatelle with Pigeon meat
The Spinach Tagliatelle with pigeon, even though it's green, it tasted pretty good.

Happy after lunch.

The flood
On our way back to the hotel, we passed by a flood scene. And guess what we saw? A man looked like he's bathing and children taking off their clothes and jumping into the water to play. I guess we have a lot to learn from these folks where optimism is concerned.

And on the streets were the noisy old buses that looked like this. We have them here in the 70s but it's a sight you don't find in Singapore these days.

Large billboards like these adorn the streets of Jakarta.

Another sight you don't see everyday here.

People selling there wares in the middle of traffic. They go from car to car, knocking at your window and making their sales pitch.

Keropok, anyone?

KE and Larry
Back at the hotel, Larry came to bid us farewell.

Smile no. 56
We had our last coffee at the Jakarta airport.

before boarding
And it was home sweet home.

For more pictures of Jakarat visit:

That's all for now. Cya.