Saturday, November 26, 2005

Return from Gul

Hi, I have just been through 1 week of F-ing reservist training, another week to go. We were given the weekend off because of the siong siong exercise that awaits us come Monday. *dreads* Yes and guess what? We're going to P. Tekong for a 4-day 3-night holiday getaway. How exciting. More details about that later, but here's an update of what has happened in the past weeks.

Key Elements had our very first full-length concert staged at the victoria concert hall on the 5th november and it was a success. The turn-out turned out to be surprisingly good, we expected to make a loss but actually the hall was 85% full, so in fact we made just little bit of profit I reckon. The concert proceeded as clockwork and audience were entertained and many gave us positive feedback, save for the wrong choice of venue, some inappropriate use of 'Austin Powers' lighting and costumes. So all's well.

Key Elements' first CD-single "Better Than Anything" is NOW on sale. If you haven't got a copy, wait no more, you can place your orders through me or from the KE web. The retail price (inc. of GST) is only $6. BUY! BUY!! BUY!!!

Anywae, the last week was hell for me, I had an average of 3 schools a day and I start work as early as 830 in the morning and finish as late as 9-10ish at night, Not a single day was spent resting. It's incredible how I survived. And the thought of going to reservist right after the siong siong week just depresses me. Some say reservist is a good break from your daily routine and to relac, but for me it's a waste of my good time. We go in and learn some totally useless stuffs and we're cut off from the world. There's no tv, no internet, no papers, no magazines, no entertainment, only our bed, our handphone and the canteen. It's as good as a prison, except we have a bigger space and there are no iron bars. And the camp is in freaking Tuas! Taxi drivers also refuse to take us, then shun or they act blur saying they don't know the place, but actually they know they'll not be able to pick up any passenger after dropping us and it's way too ulu, some are afraid we are robbers. So going in-out of camp is a dreadful business. Even if they give us nights off, we have to think twice about going out.

This week felt like a month. Time c-r-a-w-l-s when you're in suffering. I am so NOT looking forward to Sunday night coz we have to book-in by 2200 hrs for the freaking exercise the next day. It's a bloody troublesome business to transport our vehicles, equipment, ammunition etc to P. Tekong where we could simply have it at Lim Chu Kang. So boliao right. DARN! and I have to manpack the freaking radio set and walk to god-knows-what hill and then feed the mosquitoes there. I wonder why they don't just switch to handphones since technology is now so advanced?! Make us carry that freaking hell of a radio to "chiong suah", the likelihood of us getting fatigue and dropping out is higher with that much load and clumsiness (imagine the antenna sticking out from your backpack) It's also very prone to lightning strike too, if anybody is to die first during war, it will be us signallers. Apart from getting electrocuted by lightning, we are also easy enemy targets, because snipers are trained to aim at the one with the antenna sticking out. Shit-ti-to! Ok let's not go there. Just hope the next week will pass soon.

I realise I have the tendency to ramble, thanks for reading, I'm off to work now, check in after a while for more updates :) till then it's adieu, take care and remember me!